Summercollection 2008

Lifting things out of oblivion, to replace them and give them new meaning. My starting point is a drawer, bowl, or pot, which nearly everyone has at home, in which objects are put together that can’t seem to find a proper spot or place in the house, in my eyes a non-collection.

These ‘lost’ objects find new meaning within my collection. Objects start making shared links, as a necessity to be able to create new elements, for example: scissors–key, the pawn-lamp, headphone-earrings, the dice-plug, or the porcelain vase.

The original functions of the objects are withdrawn and are replaced by a new one, the goal and compulsion to be collected.

With Summer collection 2008 my graduation project is extended with new objects and presentation furniture. Exclusivity, striving for perfect detailing, and materialization are the main focus, alongside the intuitive first ideas.

As a true King Midas I try to rule: I wish for everything I touch to turn into gold

Photographs by Roel van Tour





Exhibition at Galery E105 Germany, together with work of Eva Heiserkamp and Elmo Vermijs.